django-user-accounts 1.0.2 Released

A new release of django-user-accounts

This release includes the following:

  • No need to support 2.6 anymore
  • Reverse order of GET and POST for REQUEST compatibility
  • Updated usage docs
  • Fixed ru spelling mistake
  • Updated translations
  • Changed commit_on_success to atomic
  • Removed version pin for django-nose
  • Updated Django/Python requirements
  • Fix deprecation warnings
  • Flake8 now requires the flake8: prefix for noqa
  • Ignore lint complaint about lambda assignment
  • Add importlib to compat
  • Fixed small bug with EmailConfirmation.created
  • use jinja tags for highlighting the blocks
  • Make sure new line exists at bottom of file (flake8)
  • Use "identifier_field" attr instead of username to provide data to signal
  • Fix keys used for passing form data to signals when forms include a prefix
  • changed 'for' to 'from'
  • Sphinx config typo
  • Docs: use full code-blocks for python highlighting
  • Added user and inviter to admin raw_id_fields

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