pinax-documents 0.1a1 Released

The initial release of pinax-documents was pushed to PyPI.

The pinax-documents app is a an app for managing documents. It was born out of a half-dozen or so instances of implementing this common need across different projects. While this is an alpha release, the main ideas and code behind this app have been in production for years.

This release includes the following:

  • Set initial pre-release version
  • Initial views from internal Eldarion app
  • Added templatetags
  • Removed module-level User query
  • Changed UserStorage creation to post_save on User
  • Fixed model manager bugs
  • Added initial migration
  • Added custom User support
  • Added license to README
  • Replaced model_utils dependency with Django 1.7+ feature
  • Fixed flake8 violations
  • Made accounts dependencies optional
  • Added initial app
  • Initial commit from pinax-starter-app

Download tarball from PyPI

View changeset on GitHub