How Pinax Release Notes Are Generated

We publish a lot of releases in the Pinax ecosystem and it's hard work making sure we publish release notes so folks can keep up to date on what we are doing. Being that we are engineers, we decided to just automate the bulk of the task, so that we can focus on the human touch when needed.

Given that GitHub and PyPI both have APIs that we can query, it didn't take long to sort out that we could do a pretty good job of doing the following in a management command:

We have a special state called Raw for all generated Release Notes posts. This allows us to then manually curate them. Here will will review the bullet list of commit messages to tidy them up into release notes before publishing. This allows for us to focus 100% of our energy of making good release notes, rather than the other 95% of work that goes into producing release notes that is repetitive and easy enough to automate.