Why Slack?

Some of you may wonder why we chose Slack and not IRC or Gitter as our main means of communication for the Pinax Project.

The main reason we decided to go with Slack is that we want to build a supportive community that is accessible to everyone. We realize that Slack isn’t open like IRC but the community matters to us. Installing an IRC client and figuring out how to use IRC can be very challenging for people if they’re not familiar with it. Also IRC doesn’t save any logs/backscroll so if you’re not present in the moment you can miss things. Gitter requires a GitHub account and sometimes seems very cluttered. Slack is very beginner friendly, it’s easy to create new channels, and to keep track of different topics.

If you haven’t signed up for our Slack channel yet, we’d like to invite you to join us: Ask questions, tell us about any cool projects you built with Pinax, participate in design decisions, tell us about any Pinax related ideas, etc.

Everyone is welcome! :)