What are Pinax Starter Projects?

From the earliest days of Pinax, it has been our goal to make it easier and faster to launch new web applications. Before Django adopted the project template, Pinax had a collection of project templates we called starter projects.

A starter project is a way of getting started quickly with a new Django web application or site that includes:

  • best practice project layout
  • good default choices for settings
  • except for pinax-project-zero, some number of reusable apps integrated and ready to go

There are three different kinds of starter projects:

  1. the project template
  2. the demo
  3. the out of the box project

You can find more details about these projects in the Pinax Documentation.

The Project Template

This is the starter project you use when you want to customize it for your own application. It takes a project name and uses the Django project template feature to name the package and other attributes in the files based on the name you supply.

Some examples of these are:

The Demo

The Out of the Box Application


For the projects ready to be used and not currently in development, you can use the pinax-cli command line tool. To install:

pip install pinax-cli
pinax projects                # print out a list of available projects
pinax start <project> <name>  # start <project> project using the <name> as the package name

If you have a suggestion for a new Pinax starter project or would like to help us develop new starter projects, please let us know in our Pinax Project Slack channel. We’d love to chat with you!


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