Announcing Our Pinax Developer Profiles Interview Series

We’re happy to announce our Pinax Developer Profiles interview series.

You may wonder who the people are who work on and contribute to Pinax, look no further, you’re about to get to know them! Our goal is to introduce 1-2 Pinax developers each month. You’ll find out who they are, how their story with code started, what they love about programming, why they started contributing to Pinax and what they like about Pinax, what cool projects they’ve built with Pinax, what Pinax apps and/or starter projects they would like to develop, what they enjoy doing in their free time, and any tips they have for new Pinax contributors.

If you contribute to Pinax, we’d love for you to do an interview for our Pinax Developer interview series so the Pinax community can get to know you. You can submit your interview by filling out this form. If you’d like to nominate someone we should interview, please send an email to Anna Ossowski. Our Pinax community manager, Anna Ossowski, will be happy to reach out to them. Please don’t be shy! You are awesome and we’d love to find out more about you!

We hope that you’ll enjoy our Pinax Developer Profile interviews and that they will inspire you to start contributing to Pinax yourself.

Enjoy the first interview with James Tauber!