Pinax 16.04

Something new and exciting we are working on at the moment is a new Pinax distribution idea.

Pinax faces a couple of challenges. Unlike Python and Django, which are very monolithic, Pinax is a collection of different individual open source projects. This sometimes makes coordinating releases and dependencies difficult. It is also difficult to provide clean upgrade paths, documentation, etc. This problem is similar to what operating system distributions in the Linux world like Ubuntu face, so we decided to try something similar to the way Ubuntu does releases, which is the idea of a time-based distribution. Sometime in April this year we’re going to announce Pinax 16.04. This will be a snapshot of starter projects and apps which are all known to work well together, decent tests, and good documentation for all of them. Our goal is to set a baseline for subsequent releases. We’ll make sure there will be an upgrade path, etc.

As part of process between now and the end of February we are going to try and get a bunch of different Pinax apps in shape. If an app isn’t in shape in time, it won’t make the cut. In March we’ll make sure that all of these apps are included in a starter project in one way or another. If certain starter projects don’t get done by the end of March, they won’t make the cut either.

Now that it’s February, we need to make sure any apps we want to be considered as candidates for the 16.04 release are being worked on. If anyone has apps they want to make sure are included, now’s a great time to step up and help us! :) If you’re interested in getting involved in that process, the best way to do so is to join our Slack team or take a look at issue #84 in the pinax/pinax repository on GitHub.