Pinax Developer Profiles: Alexis Santos

This is a post in our Pinax Developer Profiles series, where we highlight awesome people who contribute to Pinax. Read more about it here.

Alexis is a developer and writer who’s penned pieces on technology, science, and space for Engadget.

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Tell us about how your story with code started.

I didn’t truly start coding until my second year in college. I had an idea for a web app, but no development experience aside from some knowledge of HTML and CSS. I resolved to dive in and teach myself, so I began researching different languages and web frameworks. After much deliberation, I settled on Django.

By reading the docs closely, following tutorials, and tearing apart existing apps, I learned Python by learning Django. Slowly but surely, I got my sea legs and became comfortable coding.

What do you love about programming?

I love how quickly an idea can become something tangible. The process of going from thought to working prototype is perhaps my favorite part of programming.

Why did you start contributing to Pinax and what do you like about Pinax?

Pinax helps me focus on building what’s unique about a project rather than wasting time rebuilding things like a messaging system, forum, blog, and the like. I started contributing to Pinax because I wanted to give back to the folks and project that had saved me so much time. Oh, and I wanted to add a feature that was missing. ;)

Tell us about a cool project you built with Pinax.

The biggest project I’ve built with Pinax was called Geek Improvement. It was a database of books, movies, and video games categorized by geeky interests. Users could catalog which they’ve read, watched, and played, as well as create to-do lists.

What’s a Pinax app/starter project you would like to build/you think is missing?

I would love for there to be starter templates for the forum app. It would make it a lot easier to get started with and understand the features that are included.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Cycling! I love bicycle touring and riding my bike on trails. I’m currently getting ready to bike the length of Japan over two months!

Do you have any tips for new Pinax contributors?

Talk to everyone in the Pinax community and the fine folks at Eldarion! They are incredibly helpful, kind, and patient. What’s more, they’re completely understanding if you’re new to programming and are trying to get started with Pinax and Django.

Thanks Alexis! :)

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