Pinax Developer Profiles: Shosh Seiden

This is a post in our Pinax Developer Profiles series, where we highlight awesome people who contribute to Pinax. Read more about it here.

Shosh is 28 years old and from Aurora, Colorado, born and raised. As someone who has always been creative with a technical and mathematical side, he decided to pursue programming as a profession. Josh went to school for programming and now has finally found his way into the field.

Tell us about how your story with code started.

In high school, I wanted to pursue game development. I wanted to learn how to design, code, etc. I took several computer classes in high school, however, I didn’t start coding until college. About midway through college, I finally decided on majoring in programming.

What do you love about programming?

I always considered myself to be a creative, technical, and mathematical person. Programming satisfies all three of these traits. I love building things, and seeing my creations “come to life”.

Why did you start contributing to Pinax and what do you like about Pinax?

Pinax is my gateway into the programming world, since I am now beginning a programming career. What I like about Pinax is that the tools it provides make web development so much easier and it saves a lot of time. That being said, being part of the creative process of such a big project is very rewarding. Just the thought of a contribution I made helping someone else is very fulfilling.

Tell us about a cool project you built with Pinax.

Since I am sort of new, I haven’t built too many projects. I’ve published a couple of websites. However, I am working on a prototype that I hope to contribute to Pinax itself. It is an app for building multiple choice quizzes. I am excited to be working on this current project because I am learning a lot and I know it will help the Pinax community.

What’s a Pinax app/starter project you would like to build/you think is missing?

This ties into my answer for the last question. I was looking at Pinax LMS and noticed that there wasn’t a multiple choice platform, which is why I am tackling this project.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In my free time I like to draw, play video games, workout, spend time with loved ones and of course learning more about programming. I am also developing an interest in music production and would like to pursue it as a hobby in the near future.

Do you have any tips for new Pinax contributors?

If you are a beginner like me, this is a great place to start open source contributions. The community is very helpful. Watch the Pinax Hangout videos for tips and ideas on how to contribute, look for issues you can contribute to, and ask for help if needed.

Thanks Shosh! :)

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