Release of Pinax 16.07

After releasing Pinax 16.04 in April this year, we are happy to announce that we released Pinax 16.07, our second Pinax distribution, last month. Pinax distributions are a simultaneous snapshot of project, app and theme releases, that have been tested together.

In Pinax 16.07, we introduced three new apps, an experimental new starter project, and made small tweaks and fixes to eight existing apps.

Here’s an overview of the new releases that are a part of Pinax 16.07:

New Starter Project

  • An experimental company (0.1.1) starter project to demonstrate the new pinax-events and pinax-news apps.

New Apps

  • pinax-events (1.0.0) — a simple app for publishing events on your site
  • pinax-messages (1.0.1) — a Django app for allowing users of your site to send messages to each other
  • pinax-news (1.0.0) — a simple app for publishing links to news articles on your site

Updated Demos

Updated Starter Projects

Starter projects were updated to use the latest version of apps.

Updated Apps

Updated Themes

  • pinax-theme-bootstrap (7.8.0 -> 7.10.1)
    • added pinax-cohorts templates
    • improved pinax-stripe payment method styling
    • added pinax-messages templates
    • fixed copy_from_theme management command for Python 3

Our next Pinax distribution, Pinax 16.10, will be released at the end of October. If you would like to get involved, please join our Pinax Slack team.