Pinax Sprint at DjangoCon US 2016

Pinax has a long history of sprints at Python and Django conferences. The seeds of Pinax were sown during the sprints at PyCon 2008 and much early work happened in subsequent PyCons and DjangoCons.

At DjangoCon US 2016, Pinax had a small but very successful sprint that resulted in app and project updates, new releases and, most importantly, two new contributors.

Vicky Leong integrated pinax-messages into the cloudspotting demo project, adding the ability for users to communicate with each other about their cloud photos. The templates Vicky created were back-ported to pinax-theme-bootstrap. Vicky’s work resulted in the inclusion of pinax-messages in the Pinax 16.07 distribution.

Ethan McCreadie expanded the datetime conversion capabilities of pinax-api to include Previously pinax-api only supported the conversion of datetime.datetime. Ethan also fixed a pinax-api test case bug and improved test coverage.

We’d like to especially thank Graham Ullrich, well known within the Pinax community but himself new to sprinting, for shepherding much of the work done during the sprints. And thanks to the organizers of DjangoCon US 2016 for continuing to support the great tradition of sprints at conferences.