Release Roundup to Kick off December

Django 1.9 is driving a lot of releases in Pinax lately. Last week saw a flurry of this activity. Here is a summary of releases that shipped.


DUA, as we like to refer to it, saw a 1.3.0 and then a couple days later a 1.3.1 release.

  • Fixed bug with ConfirmEmailView.get_context_data #198
  • Enabled universal wheel packaging
  • Added ability for sign up to support complex User hierarchies by accepting a model keyword argument to SignupView.create_user #188
  • Added a migration to address str/bytes issues
  • Updated class based views for compatiblity with Django 1.9+
  • Dropped support for Python 3.2
  • Updated TimeZoneField to extend CharField instead of using the deprected SubfieldBase #190
  • Updated minimum verions of dependencies
  • Fixed issue with generated ACCOUNT_LANGUAGES values #187
  • Set all EmailField to have a max_length=254 to avoid default changes between Django versions to trigger migrations #187
  • Fixed a deprecation warning when using get_current_site #186, #148
  • Fixed a translation issue that was causing the pl translation not to apply #182


This app is still in heavy development after extracting from Symposion, but lots of goodies to enjoy along the way with this release. Class-based views, Django 1.9+ support, and more in this 0.2.4 release.

  • Added Django 1.9+ support
  • Added migrations
  • Added universal wheel packaging
  • Added class-based views
  • Fixed bug in the HookSets left over from Symposion extraction
  • Made Python 3 compatible


This 0.3.0 release was mainly to just fix compatiblity with Django 1.9+.

  • Made compatible with Python 3 and Django 1.9+
  • Added universal wheel packaging
  • BI: renamed template tag library from documents_tags to pinax_documents_tags


There were a lot of releases last week starting with 0.9.0 and ending with 0.11.4. Many of these were the result of stumbling around with packaging issues and editing migrations (0.11.1 through 0.11.4).

  • Added support for Django 1.9+ and Python 3
  • Dropped support for Django earlier than 1.7 #19
  • Added universal wheel packaging
  • Namespaced models with the pinax_teams prefix to avoid collisions with other apps named teams
  • Removed South migrations #19
  • Updated to support django-reversion==1.10


Just a simple release to update for Django 1.9+, Python 3, and to add a wheel in the 4.0.4 release.

  • Added support for Django 1.9+ and Python 3
  • Added universal wheel packaging


In addition to updated support for Django 1.9 and Python 3, pinax-blog enjoyed some contributions to add translation support in the 4.3.0 release.

  • Added support for Django 1.9+ and Python 3
  • Added universal wheel packaging
  • Added translation support #64
  • Added Japanese (ja) translation #65
  • Fixed import for Image model #71


Updated this analytics app to support the way template tags are processed in Django 1.9+ for this 1.3.7 release.

  • Added support for Django 1.9


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